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In short, I love making games.

My name is Kaue and I am a passionate game programmer. When I am at work, I code games, when I am not at work, I code games too.

For the most up to date information about me and my work, visit my LinkedIn profile, or download my Resume.

Technical Skills

With years of professional experience, I am proficient in many different tools and programming languages such as:

  • C# and Unity 3D
  • ActionScript 3 and Flash
  • C++
  • JavaScript for Web Games
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Git
  • E-11 Blaster Rifle

Shipped Titles

I am always making games, some personal projects and prototypes can be found on kongregate, like floppy fish, a game made in a day for the flappy jam with over 20,000 plays.

Here is a list of commercial games I have worked on.

Game Worthy Studios

Killshot Bravo - Hothead Games

When I joined the team the game was already live. Many of my responsibilities included:

  • Monitoring game server errors.
  • Fixing and patching live game issues.
  • Developing features and new game updates.
  • Maintaining and refactoring legacy code to support new game content.
  • Creating A/B tests for feature analysis.

Furthmore, Hothead games hosted an innovation week challenge for the Bravo team members. During this week I lead a team of 5 developers to success in our prototype project. Our product was picked for the top 2 best prototypes for this challenge.

Game Worthy Studios

Gun Kings - Hothead Games

With an in-house game engine, I was in charge of creating many game systems using C++, Python and Script.

I had the opportunity to develop many game features from scratch, including the Tutorial system, which turned out to be an isolated script shared across other company games.

Initially in the project, I suggested an agile approach to our team’s work pipeline, that allowed us to better estimate and achieve our milestones on time.

Game Worthy Studios

Personal Games - Game Worthy Studios

With over 2,500 downloads, I create free snack size mobile games during my free time. Using C# and Unity 3D.

As the only developer of the games my objective is to finish a project within 2 months since started. Some of my code is open source and can be found on my github page.

Dark Nexus Arena

Dark Nexus Arena - Whitebox

Initially joined the team as the web developer, some of my responsibilities were:

  • Creating, updating and maintaining the front end of the darknexusarena.com website.
  • Wire framing page layouts.
  • Creating responsive templates using CSS.
  • Creating dynamic website content using JavaScript.
  • Analytics, Queries and reports.

Later I became a Gameplay Programmer in charge of building and implementing characters into the project.

  • Quickly learning the project's structure to sooner create and implement new characters.
  • Reworking character's ability kits based on design for a better user experience.
  • Optimizing and refactoring C# code whenever appropriate.
  • Tracking fixed bugs in JIRA.
Super Battle Tactics

Super Battle Tactics - DeNA

With passion for the product, I quickly prototyped the main game mechanics and continuously work and polish the project to help the team achieve our studio proof of concept and project green light. Game also made in Unity.

In the early stages of development I was still the primary Animation Scripter for NFL Matchups Live. For a few weeks I worked on both projects simultaneously.

NFL Matchups Live

NFL Matchups Live - DeNA

I was the solo minigames and animation scripter for NFL Matchups Live. Mainly using JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS.

I was in charge of creating entire minigames and animations, optimizing and making sure that even older devices would be able to run the same pages with no problems and providing new weekly content for the live game events.

A lot of my time was put in file size optimization. Been able to reduce entire minigames and animation to under 200 KB.

Developing the game for Android and the iOS web views, wasn’t an easy task since there are brutal differences between both platforms web views.

Two of my favourite created minigames: kicker and puzzle


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